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In 2018 we will see significant changes in Data Protection law with the introduction of the European General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’). Managing Trustees need to be aware of the changes brought about by GDPR and how it will affect local church life.

TMCP and the Connexional Team are working together and have formed a Working Party which will oversee the transition from the current legislation to the new laws brought about by the GDPR which come into force in May 2018. For ongoing projects such as the Circuit Directories, steps will need to be taken to ensure compliance with the then current Data Protection law when data is next collected e.g. at the start of the next Connexional Year. Managing Trustees have time to ensure that appropriate processes are put in place.

Guidance and support will be rolled out to all Methodist Districts in the coming months to help Managing Trustees understand the steps that will need to be taken to comply with the new requirements.  This will enable Districts to provide practical help and guidance to their local churches and circuits.  This will run alongside target specific training provided by the Working Party which will come in the form of webinars, news bulletins, online articles and live training sessions at a number of different forums.

A whole host of policies and procedures have also been identified which will be made available to all Managing Trustees over the coming months by the working party to help ensure compliance with GDPR.

As well as identifying the policies and procedures that all local churches, Circuits and Districts will need for compliance with GDPR, the Working Party are also producing step by step practical guidance along with model documents and forms for use by the Managing Trustees.

A draft timeline has also been produced by the Working Party which identifies key dates which the Working Party are working towards in preparation of GDPR which includes a GDPR presentation at the District Chairs meeting in March.

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