Chorley and Leyland Methodist Circuit

Schools Worker

Schools Worker:

 Melody Clarke



I've been doing the role of schools worker for three years now and I love it! Every day is different and I get to meet so many great people from schools and from local churches. My work ranges from lunch clubs, to value workshops; from art exhibitions to 'Lifepath' events in church; from prayer days to spiritual health days! At SPLAT we try to meet the needs of the school as well as build into the Christian ethos of the school. I work closely with head teachers and RE coordinators to ensure that I deliver relevant and exciting workshops to classes. My background is in drama and theatre so I love exploring bible stories through drama and bring them to life!

Below are galleries of the work we have been doing.

Art Exhibition (2017)


Art Exhibition (2016)


Easter Labrinth (2016)


Art Exhibition (2015)