3generate 365

What is 3Generate?

3Generate aims to create an inclusive and diverse space for the prophetic voice of children and young people to emerge and be heard, enabling them to speak courageously, and listen to God and each other. Through the process of 3Generate, children and young people are equipped to become participants in advocacy, change and growth and have an impact in their local Methodist communities. 3Generate calls the Church to listen to and be in relationship and dialogue with and amongst children and young people, so that change can happen together as a community.

3Generate Elections

This year’s 3Generate elections take place from 21st November 2020 and will remain open for a whole month. We’re keen that as many children and young people as possible, from across the Methodist Church, are able to participate. They have the opportunity to elect the Youth President for 2021/22 as well as their 3Generate representatives for the coming year.

In order to vote children and young people need to be registered. There are some simple steps to make this happen:

  1. Children and young people aged 8-17 years old can be registered only once by either their group leader or parent/carer.
  2. They need to be registered by 15th November via this link: https://eventsfeedback2020.typeform.com/to/lS3YiH
  3. Elections open on 21st November for a limited period.
  4. All those aged 18-23 years can register to vote Here

Keep an eye on the Methodist Young Adults Facebook page too.

3Generate Clothing and Merchandise

To celebrate the launch of 3Generate 365, the 3Generate clothing and merchandise  is now on special offer.

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Due to Government guidance on social distancing around the Coronavirus outbreak and the uncertainty about when large face to face gatherings can restart, it will not be possible for us to hold the 3Generate Children and Youth Assembly at the NEC in 2020. It’s been a really difficult decision for us to make, but our primary concern, as always, is for 3Generate to be a safe and enjoyable event. We are still planning for the 2021 event to take place at the NEC next year.

Although we won’t be able to meet in person this year, we have exciting plans for 3Generate 365, which will launch 14 September 2020.

3Generate 365

3Generate 365 will provide opportunities for children and young people to pray, listen, notice, discuss and explore how God may want them to be active as disciples in the world. Join us during launch week to find out more about 3Generate 365 from 14 – 20 September. There are live broadcasts taking place at 7:00pm and you can join in via 3Generate TV on YouTube and here on our 3Generate 365 webpage.

If you are interested in volunteering or engaging a group in 3Generate 365, then follow the 3Generate 365 button (found at the top and bottom of the page) or register your interest now:

Click Here to register